• Clubs and extra activities

    • Believing in the different potentials and talents that each and every student possesses, we have assigned timing each week for optional activities that the children choose at the beginning of each term to enjoy practicing their own hobbies and skills. These activities vary to cover all interests as follows:
      • fitness – green hands – etiquette – young chefs – crafts – computer -scouts – music – readers – writers – young scientists – weavers –    potters – tailors & فن الخط العربي.
      • Note : Activity starts with at least 2 students or child will be asked to choose another activity.
  • Trips

    • Trips play an important role in strengthening relationship between teachers and students in addition to the fact that they refresh students after weeks of academic work, so, school organizes trips for each stage that is suitable for their age and interests.
  • Events

    • we have assigned a calendar for events believing in the enjoyable moments for students can change a lot.