To facilitate the Early Years Foundation Stage ,we provide a welcoming, positive, supportive and stimulating learning environment: one where children feel secure and confident, eagerly undertake new learning experiences and realize their full potential. Furthermore, we recognize the fact that children develop at different rates and have different talents and aptitudes. We therefore run a flexible programe intended to cater for the needs, preferred learning styles and rates of development of all of the children in our care.

  • Pre-K Curriculum

    • The school follows Scholastic American curriculum one booklet for English to introduce letters, vocabulary and themes that the children get to know a lot of information through them. We also have 3 books for math to introduce numbers ,colors,shapes and a lot of concepts for their improving motor skills.
    • We also have reading curriculum that is supported by big books and pre-decodable books to improve kids conversation skills

  • KGs Curriculum

    • The school follows Wonders American curriculum for English .Our students learn through this curriculum new letters, vocabulary words, (H.F.W) words and new grammar lessons through activities. They also gain a lot of new strategies that enables them to improve their language skills. We have spotlight on first phonics book  for kg2 to let our students learn C.V.C Words and improve their reading and listening skills.

  • The school follows peek-a-boo book to teach mathematical concepts, numbers, colors and shapes we have also Rainbow science book. The students take 2 books in science one for each term. We have family and friends book to teach social studies topics for kids in kg2 stage to give children the opportunity to develop the broad range of knowledge and skills .
  • We use jolly phonics and also we give Montessori for the three stages.